Alantra is a solid surface line developed and manufactured right here at Carstin Brands.

Through our extensive research of integrating the latest technology in combining polymer resins with natural minerals, we created Alantra as the essence of elegance in a non-porous solid surface material with a similar look to natural stone or quartz. This non-absorbent surface with a near seamless look is one of the safest surfaces for food preparation as it won’t absorb moisture from raw or leftover foods.

Alantra is resistant to warping, peeling, cracking, chipping, staining or fading. The color is true throughout, meaning simple repairs can be made with light abrasive cleaners and polishes. Other more in-depth repairs can be restored to a near new condition by a solid surface professional.

Dream up a function for this beautiful and durable product, and let your imagination be your guide. Alantra can be formed and shaped into an infinite variety of surfaces. While Alantra is ideal for residential kitchens and bathrooms, it also serves a full range of commercial uses, such as hospitals, offices, banks, and restaurants.

Residential uses include: Kitchen Countertops, Bathroom Vanities, Tub Surrounds, Shower Bases,

Commercial uses include Kitchens, Bathrooms, Food Prep Areas, Desks, Conference Tables, Furniture Surfaces, Partitions, Podiums, Vanities, Columns, Laboratory Uses, Decorative Molding, Casing, Window Sills, and Elevator Cabs, etc.

Alantra is also remarkably affordable! Custom manufacturing and installation from one central location in Arthur, IL, ensures a full range of services with cost-saving efficiency. Backed by our 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects, Alantra is the preferred choice for your project.

Carstin Brands Alantra example