Standard Shower Bases

Standard Shower Bases are available in many industry standard sizes with standard drain placements. Choose your Shower Size below to view its details. Don’t see what you are looking for, don’t worry, visit our CMA Custom Shower Base page, and custom design a shower base to fit your space.

Length Depth Drain Location View detail
32 32 Center View
36 36 Center View
42 36 Center View
48 32 Center View
48 36 Center View
60 36 Center View
48 42 Center View
60 32 Center View
60 32 Left View
60 32 Right View
36 36 NEO View
38 38 NEO View
42 42 NEO View
48 48 NEO View

All shower bases are designed to fit against against wall studs, with under-layment (green board, Durock, etc.) set down to the top of the base or water dam.

Suggested R.O. should be slightly large than the width of the base. This will allow for easier installation.